I am a vertebrate paleontologist specializing in the evolution of bones and teeth, focusing on dinosaurs as a model system. My research is interdisciplinary, combining aspects of evolutionary biology, earth science, and anatomical sciences.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Boston University with a semester of paleoecological work at The University of Aukland, followed by Masters and PhD work at The University of Michigan, a Visiting Assistant Professorship at Georgia Southern University, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Stony Brook University. I'm currently an Assistant Professor at Adelphi University where I teach a mix of undergraduate and graduate courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Histology, Vertebrate Evolution, and a two-week summer Field Paleontology course in Montana and Wyoming. 

Each summer I conduct fieldwork in the western United States, focusing on the Lower Cretaceous Cloverly and Upper Jurassic Morrison Formations. If you are interested in volunteering on one of our expeditions, please contact me.

I am currently accepting applications for graduate students in our two-year Masters program, and I am always interested in collaborating with undergraduates or potential postdoctoral researchers on projects. Please email me if you are interested in joining the lab. See my CV for a list of my recent papers, grants, and interests.